Stéphane Richard

Proud ambassador of L'Assomption Christmas Market

For a sixth year, I’m thrilled and proud to be the ambassador of the Marché de Noël de L'Assomption. When I see my hometown covered with snow, dozens of volunteers preparing the greatest winter get-together there is, and artisans surpass themselves to offer the best, I get this sudden urge to return to this joyous, unique atmosphere! I have to say: every time, it’s magic! How nice it is to shop from cabin to cabin, warm up by the fire and appreciate another Christmas time in good company!

Happy Marché de Noël!

Stéphane Richard

Stéphane Richard



After completing university studies in communication, Stéphane was quickly recruited by Rock Détente, one of the largest radio stations in Montréal, where we could hear him on weekends.

In 2003, he became the host of L’espace d’un été, a TV program on garden transformation broadcasted on Canal Vie.

Stéphane also had the opportunity to join the team of Ici Radio-Canada Télé’s Pour le plaisir for three seasons, as a chronicler talking about strictly masculine matters. Since his beginnings, he is the voice of several advertising campaigns, both on TV and radio.

On many occasions, he was asked to do voice over for TV programs such as L’heure de gloire, Le Moment de vérité, Bye bye 2008, 3600 secondes d’extase and the Gala des prix Gémeaux from 2008 to 2011. For eight years, he was a morning man on Rythme FM  (105.7 Montréal) with Mario Jean, Gildor Roy, Pascale Wilhelmy, Josée Boudreault and Grégory Charles.

Excellent communicator with a great sense of humour, he has become a sought-after host for his wit and simplicity, and his way to connect with people.